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Project Title : "Role of host receptors during Plasmodium and Toxoplasma host cell invasion"

Project PI : Olivier SILVIE   Co-PI : Maryse Lebrun

Lab : Molecular Biology and Immunology of malaria liver infection, UPMC UMRS CR7–INSERM U1135–CNRS ERL 8255

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  • Master Degree of Cellular and Molecular Biology ⎪ UPMC, Paris, France
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pham.D.), Industry/research ⎪ University of Limoges, France
  • MSc in Biology and Health (Microbiology – Pathologies, Environment and health) ⎪ University of Nantes, France


Langlois, A. C., C. Marinach, G. Manzoni and O. Silvie (2018). "Plasmodium sporozoites can invade hepatocytic cells independently of the Ephrin receptor A2." PLoS One [2.8] 13(7): e0200032. [Pubmed]