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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care

The different research organizations (CNRS, INSERM and Institut Pasteur, other Universities) have excellent services for the Technological Transfer. Our consortium ParaFrap has the ambition to develop diagnostic kits/attenuated vaccines and participate in the development of new anti-parasitic drugs during the eight-year period of time of this program in collaboration with the private companies such as ManRoos and Genoscreen. Valorization is part of the PhD student training to make this issue part of the research agenda and to create awareness for translational aspects of parasitic research.
Dissemination of knowledge. To achieve effective communication and dissemination of knowledge within the ParaFrap, we will put a major focus on the PhD program and workshops. ParaFrap will organize this PhD program with the ambition to reach excellence like the European Frame Work Marie Curie Early Training programs or the EMBL International PhD program. Dr. Vial and Dr. Scherf have participated as Director or co-Directors in these programs and will put their knowledge and experience into the ParaFrap training program to support the Director of Training Prof. Bastien in this task. In order to overcome potential regulatory problems of Universities with regard to the PhD student program (international competitive salaries, bench fees etc), we aim to create a ParaFrap Foundation that would allow overcoming this hurdle. ParaFrap will organize several retreats that will be mandatory for all members of the participants, including students, postdocs. Workshops will be held at different sites (Montpellier, Institut Pasteur Paris, University of Lille North of France-Lille Pasteur Institute) that are obligatory for the PhD students and open to other students and post docs.