French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care

In order to ensure and maintain the ParaFrap activities at the highest international level and to keep it focused on important research objectives, an external Scientific Advisory Board (eSAB) was established to assist the Executive Committee. Another important scope of SAB is to advise on international and in particular EU research policies to promote integration into international programmes. To this end, several international renowned and experienced scientists were invited to participate in the external SAB. It is aimed to convene 5 members of the SAB to each biennial meeting and if necessary for specific tasks.


lanzer michael

Prof. Michael Lanzer
(University of Heidelberg, Germany) 

kim kami

Prof. Kami Kim
 (Einstein College, New York, USA) 

boshart michael

Prof. Michael Boshart
 (LMU, München, Germany) 


 Nicolas Fasel

Prof. Nicolas Fasel
(UNIL, Lausanne, Switzerland)

barrett michael 

Prof. Michael Barrett
(University of Glasgow, UK)

preiser peter 

Prof. Peter Preiser
    (NTU, Singapore, Singapore)   




They have already agreed to participate covering areas such as Malaria, Toxoplasma and Trypanosoma. Major tasks of the SAB:

  • Provide an international perspective on developments in the fields of parasitology research
  • Make recommendations for new actions and activities in this area
  • Act as a peer review panel with respect to internal proposals