French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care

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  • Plasmodium and Malaria
  • Toxoplasma and Toxoplasmosis
  • Trypanosoma and Trypanosomiasis
  • Leishmania and Leishmaniasis
  • Entamoeba and Amebiasis
  • Theileria and Theileriosis

2020 Gordon Research Conference (GRC)


  The Biology of Host-Parasite Interactions Gordon Research Conference (GRC) will take place at the beautiful Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, USA, from June 14 to 19, 2020. Multiple Parafrap speakers: Frédéric Bringaud, Mohamed-ali Hakimi, Gordon Langsley, Maryse Lebrun and our new partner Gerald ... Read more

M. Tounkara awarded at the 35th ISCTRC Conference


  Magamba Tounkara, PhD student in the ParaFrap South program under the supervision of Dr. Loïc Rivière (Dr. Frédéric Bringaud's team), received the 1st Prize for the best poster at the 35th Conference of the International Scientific Council For Trypanosomiasis Research And Control (ISCTRC) held from 23 to 27 Sep... Read more

Frédéric Bringaud gets the Team FRM label


Dr. Frédéric Bringaud, Scientific and Technical Manager of the LabEx ParaFrap, obtained the 2019 Team FRM label (Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale). This grant provides strong and long-term support to teams offering an innovative research program in biology with potential applications in health..... Read more

Research Assistant ⎜IRD, Montpellier


24-month Research Assistant position in malaria transmission research Montpellier, France Position: Research Assistant position in malaria transmission research Localisation:Montpellier, France Laboratory:MIVEGEC : Maladies infectieuses et vecteurs : ecologie, génétique, evolution et contrôle,  Requirement: ... Read more

Ingénieur d'étude ⎜Toulouse, France


Ingénieur d’Etude - Biologie moléculaire et cellulaire – ImmunologieToulouse, France Intitulé du profil:   Ingénieur d’Etude (H/F) Biologie moléculaire et cellulaire – Immunologie Localisation:Toulouse, France Structure de Recherche d'accueil:Equipe Maladies Inflammatoires du système nerveux central: mécanismes et... Read more

UMR Intertryp: WHO Collaborating Center


  The World Health Organization has designated the Joint Research Unit IRD/CIRAD 177 INTERTRYP « Host - Vector - Parasite - environment interactions in neglected tropical diseases due to Trypanosomatids », Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD) as a WHO Collaborating Center for research on host/ve... Read more

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ParaFrap, the French Alliance for Parasitology and Health Care, is a LabEx (Laboratory of Excellence) created by the French Ministry of Research in 2012 and regrouping currently 17 leading Parasitology groups in France
Plasmodium, Toxoplasma, Trypanosoma, Leishmania, Entamoeba, Theileria

  • New scientific opportunities are provided by the recently available genome information for most major parasites and their hosts
  • Combining the state-of-the-art of fundamental research and translational applications we expect to defeat major parasitic diseases such as malaria, toxoplasmosis, leishmaniasis, African trypanosomiasis, amoebiasis and theileriosis
  • herapeutic involvements (diagnostics, drugs and vaccines)
  • ParaFrap will contribute to the future through a national student training
    PhD program termed "ParaFrap Training"


Research activities

Mechanisms of pathogenesis

Parasite molecular and cellular biology

Post genomic data exploration

Towards new interventions strategies against parasitic pathogens

Institutional support

Financial support