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French Parasitology Alliance For Health Care


Given the current Covid-19 situation, the Biennial Parasitology Meeting organised by ParaFrap sur l'ile des Embiez, initially planned in October 2020, is rescheduled to 02-05 October 2022, at the same venue, Les Embiez Island, South of France.

More details coming soon.

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We aim to promote interactions and discussions, especially with junior scientists. The meeting will include poster sessions and turbo talks, providing younger researchers the opportunity to present their work. It will represent a stimulating environment to exchange ideas and envisage novel approaches to deal with pathogenic parasites.

The workshop will showcase the latest breakthroughs in host-parasite interactions at the cell, tissue and organism levels, including sessions on host manipulation and avoidance strategies, host immune responses and pathogenesis, parasite cell biology, parasite molecular biology and signaling, parasite reservoirs and niches, vaccination and control strategies. The conference will cover multiple protozoan parasites (Plasmodium, Toxoplasma, Cryptosporidium, Trypanosoma, Leishmania) and provide an outstanding opportunity to share cutting-edge science.